Energy Efficient Add Ons

Energy-Efficient Add Ons

There are many property owners who are always in the lookout of ways that can help them in minimizing the utility bills. Such homeowners should always go for home renovations that involve adding insulation and sealing cracks in the interior and the exterior of the house. Energy-efficient home renovations also involve using CFL light bulbs in place of the standard bulbs that use more energy, noted by electrician Parramatta. Other viable renovations include installing energy-efficient windows and programmable thermostat.


In case the house has only one bathroom, getting a second bathroom added to the house can help in reaping substantial returns on investment. If you are thinking of transforming an existing room into a new bathroom in the house, considered unused spaces like theĀ  areas below the stairs or the closets. It is important for you to understand that the cost of adding a new bathroom to the house might depend on the accessories and the additions that you want. Remember one thing, the money that you put into adding a new bathroom to the house should not go wasted. You must get the new bathroom added in such a way that it proves to be a lucrative investment in the near future.